Glad årsdag! <3

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Kolla vilket proffsgullis vi har här då!

Shit vad tiden går fort y’all?? Ja absolut generellt men också det faktum att jag firar ett år på & Other Stories idag!!! För någon månad sen plåtade vi ovan coola bild i vårt fina lilla tornrum för en mini-intervju till våra sociala medier. Jag får väldans ofta mail från er underbara som läser, där ni undrar om jobb, karriär, utbildning, val och kval, så tänker att jag klistrar in den lille här nedan för eventuell inspo 🙂 Obs behåller lille ingressen av purely skrytmysskäl :))


This is Kristin. She works in our Stockholm Atelier and has as bright hair as she has smile. 

Q: Tell us your name and what you do at Stories?
A: I’m Kristin Zetterlund and I’m the Digital Marketing Manager at Stories, based in our Stockholm Atelier. I work with everything from influencers to SEM and am involved in technical developments as well as events. It’s such a diverse role and I love it!

Q: What’s the best thing about your job?
A: Definitely the genius people I’m surrounded by. Everyone here truly LOVES our brand. It makes all the difference in day to day life to work with such passionate people.

Q: What is your favourite Stories piece right now?
A: How do I pick only one?! I think our jeans are our best kept secret. I’m loving our Raw Denim Jeans (reklamlänk via Apprl) in the indigo wash, the colour and fit are perfection!

Q: Why did you choose this career?
A: I didn’t choose this career, this career chose me… No but seriously, I’m basically born and raised digital so it’s what I know and am genuinely interested in. I like that you’re never really finished learning as the business is constantly developing and changing every day. You can’t take one class about digital and think you know all there is to know, it’s a never-ending learning process! I always knew that I wanted to work in a creative environment and with fashion, so coming to Stories was really a dream come true for me.

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